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Hello and welcome to the nitty-grtty part of my life until this point. 
One of the most important parts of knowing me is understanding that I love Fall Out Boy. Seriously though, this is a love that started back in 2004 and just hasn't stopped. The only thing I have loved more is art. 'But Susan, if you love art more, why do you update so infrequently?' Glad you asked. 

- Susan

Let me explain where I come from. I went to elementary and high school where art was seen as more of an elective than a focus. I had no idea art could be an AP class until I got to college and met people who took it as a class. I was always the smart/nerdy/bookish one and while I loved drawing and creating, art was more of a hobby. I was destined to be a doctor because that's what I was told. It wasn't until I was 16 years old in my junior year of high school where my mom looked at me and said,

"Susan, what do you want to do? Not what you have been told but what do you want? What makes you happy?" 


This was the very first time I ever took what made me happy into consideration, and I knew it was art. I decided to focus my senior year on art and a portfolio. I applied to Ringling, got in and decided to attend.


I loved every second of it. I was surrounded by like minded individuals all there to create art. I went in, fully aware that I was no longer 'the art kid' in my class and I was ok with this. But let me tell you how by the end of the four years, not only did I miss science, I was so scared and burnt out. I was so exhausted of what I considered art, but it wasn't. I had focused all of my time trying to figure out what this teacher preferred or what the next recruiter was coming for and all of this unnecessary stuff that I forgot what I liked about art to begin with. Come graduation, I was so tired of it all. I did not want to leave art behind but what I came to associated with art, I was done with.


Enter where I am right now. I always enjoyed volunteering and giving back or helping others. There was a job opening at my college where I would be able to focus on giving back to my community and still be in an art environment, a double win for me. I was lucky enough to get the job and have learned so much from the years I have been here. 

In 2019, I started taking classes in the new Entertainment Design Major at Ringling College, and I cannot wait to see where this path brings me next. 

If you read this far, kudos to you. Thanks for taking the time out to get to know me a little better, and get a cookie!! You deserve it!! 

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